Dysport® Treatments

Dysport is another FDA approved purified neurotoxin (similar to Botox) that also blocks acetylcholine release at motor nerve ends and reduces muscle contractions that result in wrinkling. Originally launched in the United Kingdom, Disport achieved FDA approval in May 2009 for use in the United States for cervical dystonia and glabellar lines. Off label cosmetic use includes other facial lines Including:

  • Horizontal pleats
  • Forehead shaping
  • Crow’s feet
  • Platysmal bands in the neck
  • Bunny lines across the nose
  • Vertical rhytids/smoker’s lines
  • Dimpled chin/mental crease
  • Gummy smile

Dysport, the newer kid on the block (2009), is another nonsurgical minimally invasive alternative for dynamic wrinkles.

Onset of action is approximately 3 days lasting up to four months and the beneficial results with continued use teaches the muscles not to contract. Administration of Dysport is performed in the office, and typically takes 10 minutes. Post treatment clients are able to return to their normal activities, with minimal restriction the day of administration.

The candidates for Dysport include clients who wish to prevent dynamic wrinkles developing in to static wrinkles (preventative) and clients with established static wrinkles who wish to rejuvenate their appearance and slow the progression of static wrinkles.

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